“Après moi le déluge! [After me, the flood] is the watchword of every capitalist and of every capitalist nation. Hence Capital is reckless of the health or length of life of the labourer, unless under compulsion from society”

Karl Marx

There is little doubt that the rest of our lives will be marked by climate change and its consequences. There will be practically no sphere of life that is not affected to a greater or lesser extent by this global phenomenon, from health to leisure, including work and the forms of social organization. The consequences of climate change and the public policies needed to slow down or alleviate it will imply a change in the technological matrix of our society and in the living conditions of the vast majority. What is at stake is the meaning of this change: how the costs and potential benefits of this transformation will be shared. Will it mean a worsening of living conditions for the poor or will it lead to a more egalitarian and just society? This is the question on the table.

We believe that fighting climate change and its consequences must be a priority for all social movements that have the welfare of the majority as their goal, whether they are revolutionaries or reformists. Acting against climate change today is inseparable from acting against the capitalist society that produces it. Capital does not take into consideration the health and life span of the worker, nor the ecological conditions of the planet, on which it depends. Only the collective and organized action of those at the bottom will enable us to survive the coming flood.

Contra el Diluvio (Against the Flood) was born as a modest attempt to contribute to a movement against climate change and its consequences. Our aim is to raise awareness about climate change and its consequences among people involved in existing social movements. To this end, we produce and translate written materials, organize talks and debates, and collect accessible but rigorous information on climate change and its social consequences.

We have work to do.